Monday, 19 May 2008

Three is easier than Two

I've not written for a while because four weeks ago Baby 3 was born. Since then I've been ignoring the call of technology, emails and blogs which sap your time, and enjoying her newness.

I've made a surprising discovery - that three children are easier than two - at the moment anyway. When Baby 2 was born, T was a terrible two and rampaged while I was pinned to the chair feeding. Now, with Baby 3, B and T entertain each other while I am feeding. Okay, so they're often fighting each other but at least they're not throwing the TV remote control at Baby 3's head.

Baby 3 is also very well behaved and far less demanding than her brothers. Some people tell me this is simply because she's a girl. Some people say it's because a third time mother really knows what she's doing - or just doesn't have time to fuss.

I must admit I feel much calmer and despite all the demands on my time, am really enjoying three children. Circumstances were quite complicated when Baby 2 was born and I think some of his babyhood was lost in the darkness of deep winter. Baby 3 was planned as a spring baby and it makes such a difference. The sun is shining, leaves are bursting open and it's light and birds are singing when I feed at 5am. The optimism of spring is seeping into our family making it a very special time.

While I was pregnant I sometimes wondered whether we'd made a mistake and three children were going to be too much but, as with many things, so far the anticipation has been much worse than the actual event. So, to anyone reading this who is contemplating a third but anxious whether they'd cope, I'd say, go for it, but preferably in the spring!

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