Wednesday, 29 July 2009

At least someone's happy about the rain...

I love the logic of children, it can throw such interesting perspective on what we say and how we behave.

Today was a good example. After listening to a radio news item about the Met Office changing their summer forecast from "barbecue" to "rain" my five year old said "yeah, I'll get more television and time for artwork rather than you saying it's a lovely sunny day go and play outside."

There's lots to interpret from this, I'm still pondering it. But with the rain STILL hammering down outside the window and me frazzled after a day of being cooped up with hyperactive children, I'm desperately hoping for more sun this summer.

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Iain said...

How funny....Whilst you were typing that blog, I was busily handwashing E's coat with a water-repellency treatment so that we could continue to say "go and play outside" even though it's hammering it down.