Monday, 10 August 2009

Song Lyrics

My five year old is into words – he never stops talking and has an answer for everything. I should be proud, he gets it from me. I’ve realised that he’s me with a willy, which means at times our relationship is probably more tempestuous than it should be. So, he loves words, nonsense words and rhyming words. This has the potential for trouble as he walks around chanting “lucker-chucker-fucker” completely unaware of his social disgrace.

Tonight he was singing a lovely song as he cut out the pictures of Mr Men we’ve been drawing. He’s into song lyrics at the moment, been listening closely to James Morrison in the car, picking up on what he says, asking me about it and why he doesn’t say the words properly – no D on your “hard” James Morrison! B, the three year old, said that when he couldn’t hear the words he was just going to sing “nothing nothing”. Baby J, 15 months, smiles and bounces her legs, although she prefers High School Musical.

I love the way children take everything so literally. But when they’re analysing lyrics this doesn’t always work. I have to turn off Leona Lewis “Bleeding in Love” whenever it’s played on the radio as T pesters me about how can she be bleeding in love, if she’s bleeding is she hurt and why is that happening if she’s in love? When he heard Madonna sing “get off my street” he asked, did that mean she was going to walk on the pavement?

Tonight the lovely song was in rhyme, very impressive: isn’t life great...mums are hard to tolerate,” which made me feel like such a failure.

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