Thursday, 29 November 2007

Help! I fancy Sportacus!

Something worrying is happening - I'm getting a strange crush on Sportacus. For those of you who don't have young children or an addiction to CBeebies, Sportacus is the lead in an obnoxious programme called Lazy Town. I used to hate this programme and try to avoid my children watching it but I've relented because despite nauseating characters the subliminal message works: my four-year-old does star jumps and push ups and asks for a banana and an apple so that he will grow up strong like Sportacus.

So I looked closer and this muscled Icelandic guy in blue lycra is quite sexy. I'm not sure if it's the Nordic accent or just because he's the old-fashioned hero who would pick you up in his arms to rescue you from stepping in a puddle, but I now smile when I hear the theme tune and even sing along.

I feel ashamed to admit this crush - when a friend mentioned this summer that she actually tuned in to watch him, and she doesn't even have children, I was horrified. My only explanation of the problem is that my husband is away this week and I've had seven days of wild boys and no adult conversation. It's probably fortunate that Matthew is home tomorrow.

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Anna said...

Ooooh – how brave - owning up to liking Lazytown – you’ll be struck off from some of the politest circles and never know why. But I’m with you. I can’t say I identify with the attraction thing – more of a Doodle-doer myself, but the over-riding feel-good factor of LazyTown is undeniable. Watching my 4 year old ‘Stephanie’ and twin 1 year old mini-Sportacuses (well Ziggys really) dance over-excitedly to the manic tunes is a great lift - the current 5.30 scheduling is just what I need to get over the traumas of tea-time and restore my fondness for my children in time for bath. And as for their copycat desire to get active and eat fruit – how cool is that for a mother?

Saff – the book is fab. Write another.