Friday, 23 November 2007

Radio Star

On Monday I recorded my first radio interview. It's going to be serialised every night next week (starting Monday 26th November) on the Drive show on Radio Bristol. You can listen on-line ( and I'm told I'll be on shortly after 6pm.

I'm very nervous about how I'll come across. A spoken interview is scary. When you're writing you can re-read, delete and edit. A journalist takes your words and crafts something around it, hopefully positive. But once your words are spoken and recorded they are lodged forever, filed to your detriment or benefit.

Happily my confidence is buoyed today by a fantastic review in Wanderlust magazine. They gave me four out of five stars and said very nice things - you'll be able to read it soon on my website.

But what has really made me feel like a star were flowers sent to me as congratulations for the launch by a thoughtful friend in Abu Dhabi. The house smells of lillies, something luxurious. When the courier unexpectedly pulled up and presented the box of flowers I felt truly special. I just hope that by 6.15 next Monday I'm not cringing about my radio debut.

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